Four Levels of Relaxing

  • Four Levels of Relaxing Step 1: The Body "You will have to relax from the circumference. Remember as many times as possible to look into the body and see whether you are carrying some tension in the body somewhere - the neck, the head, and the legs.......More

For the Traveler

  • For the Traveler My attempts to start a meditation practice regularly are interrupted because I travel a lot. "Something can be found ... because any meditation that is disturbed again and again is not good. Something is needed that can be done......More

From Thinking to Feeling Through Breath

  • From Thinking to Feeling... "Feeling is real life. Thinking is phony because thinking is always about; it is never the real thing. It is not thinking about the wine that can make you intoxicated, it is the wine. You can go on thinking about the wine, but......More

From Fear to Love

  • From Fear to Love Duration: 40-60 minutes. Step 1: Energetic Aligning "Sit comfortably, with your hands placed right under left and thumbs joining. This puts the energy in a certain relationship, a certain posture. The left hand is connected......More

From Head to Heart to Hara

  • From Head to Heart to Hara "Man can function from three centers: one is the head, another is the heart and the third one is the navel. "If you function from the head you will go on spinning more and more thoughts. They are very insubstantial, dream-stuff......More


  • FAILURE AND MEDITATION FAILURE is inability to reach the desired goal. At times failure gives you a chance to reach the goal again in the next attempt, but at other times, we do not get such a chance. So, the kind of failure has to be examined every......More

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