Name Mantra

  • Name Mantra When: Any time - day or night. Duration: 25 minutes. Can use: Classical music if you want, just as a background  don't actively listen to it; otherwise this method won't work. Use music that you know very very well, so......More

Neutral Gear

  • Neutral Gear "You don't understand the mechanism. In fact, one should continuously change, because the brain has many centers. For example, if you do mathematics, then a certain part of the brain functions and the other parts rest. Then......More

No/Yes Mantra

  • No/Yes Mantra When: Each night. Duration: 60 minutes. Step 1: Go Nego "Close the door, put pillow all around the room; make sure you are undisturbed for one hour. Make the lights dim, put on gloomy music. Sit down and feel negative. Repeat......More

Nourishing Your Capacity to Love

  • Nourishing Your Capacity to... "Become loving towards people, friends, even strangers, rocks and trees. "Sitting on a rock, touch it as you would your beloved, and you will feel a response almost immediately. Touch a tree with deep love, and suddenly you......More

Noticing Three Times

  • Noticing Three Times "If a problem arises - for example, you suddenly feel a sexual urge, or greed or anger - just note three times that it is there. If there is anger, say inwardly three times, 'anger, anger, anger.' Just take complete note of it......More


  • NEED FOR MEDITATION MEDITATION is needed for all to keep the mind fresh and stress-free. When a person is constantly working and straining himself, there is something needed to release the stress that he gathers during this time. It is for this......More


  • NAADABRAHMA MEDITATION q Sit with spine straight and legs folded. Concentrate on breathing. Keep the mouth and eyes closed. Start the 'hum' sound with exhalation. Feel the relaxation with each 'hum'. When relaxed, bring your palms on your naval. Let the......More

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