Pummel a Pillow

  • Pummel a Pillow When: Every Morning. Duration: 20 minutes for two weeks. Close the room, be alone, and allow anger to surface. Beat a pillow - bite it and throw it. If you are against someone in particular, write their name or put their......More

provoked to anger.

  • provoked to anger. Transforming Anger Into Compassion "Anger is just like electricity in your body: you don't know what to do with it. Either you kill somebody else or you kill yourself. The society says if you kill yourself it is okay, it is......More

Penetrating the Heart

  • Penetrating the Heart When: Do this on an empty stomach, or at least three hours after eating. It can be done three or more times a day; don't do it more than seven times at a sitting. Step 1: "Exhale as deeply as you can, making sure all the......More

Protective Aura

  • Protective Aura At the end of a typical working week, I'm so tired I can't even stand. When: Every night, last thing before going to sleep. First thing in the morning. Duration: 4-5 minutes. Step 1: Imagine a Halo "Sit on your bed and imagine......More

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