Releasing Throat and Stomach Tensions

  • Releasing Throat and Stomach... When: Whenever you feel a choking in the throat. Duration: 3-4 weeks. Step 1: For the Throat "Start doing two things. One is: whenever you feel a choking in the throat start chanting loudly, Any sound that you feel like,......More

Relief of Tense Stomach

  • Relief of Tense Stomach When: After every bowel motion. Step 1: Towel Massage "When you empty your [belly]' take a dry towel, a rough towel, and rub your belly. Pull the belly in and rub hard. Start at the right corner and go round. Go just around the......More

Relief of General Tensions and Blocks

  • Relief of General Tensions... I am becoming aware of tensions in my body and the limitations they create in me. "It is good that you are becoming aware. It is just an armor; it is not clinging to you. You are clinging to it, so when you become aware you......More

Relieving Restlessness and Tension

  • Relieving Restlessness and... When: Every night, before going to sleep. Duration: At least 20 minutes. Step 1: Mouth Breathing "Sit in a chair and rest your head [resting back on the chair like you do at the dentist]. You can have a pillow, so you are in......More

Remembering the Gap

  • Remembering the Gap When: In any activity. Duration: Continuously. Step 1: Watch the Gap "Keep your attention in the gap between two breaths. This is done in activity, not in isolation. So, eating, go on eating but aware of the gap; walking, go on......More

Remember "I am"

  • Remember Step 1: Remember You Are "Wherever you are, remember yourself that you are. This consciousness that you are should become a continuity. Not your name, your caste, your nationality - those are futile things, absolutely useless.......More

Return to the Source

  • Return to the Source "If hate, love, or any other mood or feeling for someone or something arises we usually project it onto a person or thing. In this meditation, instead of projecting the mood, remember you are the source of it. For example, if......More

Running For Release

  • Running For Release When: Morning. Step 1: Run Totally "Run on the road, starting with half a mile and then one mile and come to at least three miles eventually. Use the whole body. Don't run as if you are in a straitjacket. Run like a small child......More

Radiate Love

  • Radiate Love "Practice love. Sitting alone in you room, be loving, radiate love. Fill the whole room with your love energy. Feel as if you are vibrating with a new frequency .. .feel as if you are swaying in the ocean of love. Create......More

Remember the Host

  • Remember the Host 'I am pain; I am in pain; I am aware of the pain' - these are three different, very different states. The [enlightened one] says, 'I am aware of the pain.' This much can be allowed, because then you transcend pain. The......More

Remember the One Within

  • Remember the One Within "Remember always the one who is inside the body. Walking, sitting, eating or doing anything remember the one who is neither walking nor sitting nor eating. "All doing is on the surface, and beyond all doing is the being.......More

Release Your Inner Buddha

  • Release Your Inner Buddha "Persuade [your inner] Buddha to come with you to the circumference of your life. In your everyday work, in your words, in your gestures, in your silences, he has to be present. "Slowly slowly you disappear and only the......More

Releasing Love

  • Releasing Love "The heart is asleep, and we are taught only ways of hating. Only when we are throbbing in love are we really alive, fully alive. "So become aware of it; and the more aware you become, the more and more loving you will feel.......More


  • RESISTANCE OF PEOPLE TO... THERE are many people who claim to be practical and so do not believe in meditation. Of course, I do not expect such people to read this book and learn the right ways to meditate. But, I also know that those who' are inclined......More


  • RISING Sit in a comfortable position or lie down.Concentrate on your root centre.Feel a stream of golden light entering here.Feel this stream going upwards to here.Feel this stream going upwards to solar plexus.Feel this stream going......More


  • ROOTING Sit in a comfortable position or lie down. Visualise a stream of white light entering your crown. Visualise the stream of white light filling your crown. Visualise the stream turning it into a glowing white ball. Visualise the......More


  • ROLE OF GURU IN MEDITATION GURU is teacher. He has already reached the place where you aspire to reach. But he is not selfish to enjoy that position alone. He is ready to help others to grow to that position. He not only teaches a disciple to meditate,......More


  • ROLE OF SILENCE IN MEDITATION... SILENCE is absence of words and sounds that appear internally or externally. While talking about silence, we generally think of silence outside around us. But in meditation, the silence that is more important is the silence......More


  • ROLE OF SECLUSION IN... SECLUSION is staying away from others. Again this is both internal and external. Externally when we are physically isolated we are secluded. But unless and until there is internal seclusion, this is of no use. When we are......More


  • ROLE OF SURROUNDINGS IN... SURROUNDINGS are the things, objects and natural environments around you. All these things carry some or the other energies and vibrations. They are good or bad, positive or negative, silent or noisy, peaceful or disturbed.......More


  • ROLE OF CHANTING IN... CHANTING is saying something again and again. It is called Japa in Sanskrit. Generally people use some Mantras i.e. some sacred words for chanting as they meditate. Different people use different mantras as they meditate.......More


  • ROLE OF POSTURE IN MEDITATION... POSTURE is the position in which we sit or lie down. It is believed that certain postures like lotus posture are excellent for good meditation. Yet, many find it difficult to sit in that posture for a very long time: they......More


  • ROLE OF PLACE IN MEDITATION PLACE is the actual place or premises where you meditate. We all know that every place carries some vibrations. These are positive, negative or neutral. Of these, the positive vibrations are best for meditation and the neutral......More


  • ROLE OF KNOWLEDGE IN... KNOWLEDGE is awareness of facts. These facts come to us either by way of learning, or reading or seeing or experiencing. The level of knowledge received ~y each way is different. The last one produces the deepest impact on a......More

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