THE final point of meditation is supposed to be liberation. The journey towards it is supposed to begin with self- realization.

Let us start seeing the first step into this journey. Of course the first step that you take is the act of knowing and practicing meditation. Then, if you are following the tips that you have read till now, you may experience something called awareness of a witness.

A witness is the one who is very much leading a normal life, but is still not attached to any experience or memory in the sense, he has the power to let go of everything and so nothing can hook him. He knows to take life as it comes. He is acting while doing his work but he knows who to keep away from forced reacting, without inner awareness. This is just not possible.

When you keep meditating with this awareness, a point comes when you find that you are connected to the divine consciousness. Then there comes a point when you experience Satori or enlightenment. This makes you be aware of your oneness with the divine.

These stages are already discussed earlier. Now we need to see what happens beyond this. I have already said that Satori is the beginning of the path to total liberation and oneness with the divine.

All this can be called as the path beyond enlightenment.

Enlightenment helps you realize your real nature and the smallness of everything around that you feel and experience. It lets you know that when a moment is gone, it is gone. Then you know that there is no sense in wasting your time over the lost moments. It will be a better idea to create better moments for ourselves by facing and handling life with realistic attitude.

As you start doing this, you notice a number of things that you had left half way, not because you did not know either how to complete them or you were not very clear about your real inner wishes, when you had started to do them. Some of these things are still open to be completed. You can complete them if you so wish. Others have left their effect that you might have already handled.

It is a good idea to start completing things as you proceed in meditation. This will add great peace to your mind.

Initially before you have experienced Sa tori, you may find this very wrong too! You may say something was not completed because it was not to be completed-so what! No problem. But the question was never whether you must complete every action or thing or relationship you started or not. The question was always: whether you are complete about all your actions. If you have any sour or incomplete feelings, complete them.

When you are complete from within, now start looking for what you have, what you do not have, what you want, what you do not what, what you think you can get and what you think you cannot get and so on, and your views and attitudes to all these thoughts, and start completing all the incompletion left in all these thoughts.

Just like this inner completion, enlightenment also starts getting you the material completion. When you are in total surrender to the divine you will find that you are totally taken care of.

Total surrender is accepting all the things that happen as they do and having knowledge (not FAITH) that come what may, you will be taken care of. A person in total surrender does not have to think of his own future. Generally the attitude of such a person is, "If I try to plan my future, I am proving that I do not trust the grave of the divine!"

Remember, total surrender comes out of total non- attachment. Non-attachment does not mean lack of interest in life. It only means lack of expectations of things you have not worked for. When you sincerely work for anything, grace automatically shows you the right direction.

I must also state here that the surrender follows the all or none law that means either you are in total 1 00% surrender or you are not in surrender at all. Total surrender is not just necessary but mandatory for getting self-realization of any type whatsoever.

But again this surrender is grossly misinterpreted and a person is led to escapism through it too.

So, before surrender you need to know what it actually means. The seeker must know that, to whom he surrenders is not important. The fact that he surrenders is important. This is surrender to the divine self that is actually reflected into your own self. So, in effect, your surrender is to your own inner self in order to surrender to the highest consciousness that is commonly known as God.

It is not necessary to follow any rules, rituals, beliefs, cults or Gurus in order to surrender. In fact, when you surrender to anything lower than the highest consciousness that is known as Nirguna Nirakara God, you are in fact insulting it. Yet, like the so-called lower Gods and Gurus, this super conscious God never gets angry with you. It never gives you any curse or punishment for submitting to a lower God or for being a total non-believer too. So it is never necessary to give offerings and please him. The system of offerings again was created by some intelligent people who knew that they can take advantage of the ignorance and fear of the masses to run their livelihood. So they 'created the fear of the anger of Gods in the minds of the masses and started making them give offerings which in fact would go to the spiritual Guru or the person who is the head of the temple. This way, by doing nothing else, these people could run their livelihood quite luxuriously.

Such an offering is never surrender. It is madness. Such surrender will drain you materially instead of giving you material completeness.

Inner peace, completed things around, completed relationships, full material grounding and prosperity, all these are actually the signs of being in a right path in meditation.

Beyond enlightenment, there are a few hard patches, but they appear only because you have not yet learned true surrender. When true surrender happens, these hard patches dissolve. Then you find that even, when the situation that used to make you hyper earlier appears, you are peaceful from within. This time you find that the situation gets handled very easily. Such events give you the realization that surrenders works. But then there are times when you are given difficult situations to face and you do not do anything though you had earlier felt like doing something. You just say that grace will handle it. Such times, you find that nothing works and you have to handle it yourself. Such times you learn a lesson that when you face a difficult situation, you need to follow the signal that grace gives you through your own mind.

As you move on with this, journey of surrender, a time comes when you need to grow. Till now you were just being a child. Now you need to be a responsible adult. You need to take some major decisions, at times even of global importance and do the necessary energy work at the necessary level.

You get to know about some event in advance and you do have the power to change or cancel it in favour of humanity or planet earth.

This is reaching adulthood beyond enlightenment. Here you get the powers like creating the events on a certain way just by your thought, seeing and practicing future, knowing all the details about a person, not by talking to him for a while, having an insight of a problem on facing it or on hearing about it and so on.

These things may be called clairvoyance, Clair audience and waachaa siddhi by some. These are ways to develop clairvoyance partially even before this, where you can see the auras of a person and heal it, but the clairvoyance after enlightenment at this stage is much more advanced. Here you can see things far away or from past or future, effortlessly even without having to close your eyes. This is because the vision of your mind is fully active, aware, and powerful.

When you get all these powers, you naturally get the responsibility to handle them in a right way for the benefit of the humanity.

A special and peculiar thing of a master who has reached this adulthood after enlightenment is that he tries to be as transparent and invisible as possible. He keeps leading an absolutely normal life, remains humble as well as practical, does not show off his powers and keeps working silently.

He knows that it is useless to tell those who are in deep sleep that he is awake and there is no need to tell this to those who are already awake. So he is just silent. The test to find such a master is to notice what happens to you when you are in his presence or in his contact. W.hen you find that by just being in touch with somebody who is successful and down-to-earth, things in your life have started falling in right place on their own, you will know that you have met a master who is at this level. Do not talk anything about spirituality, just follow this and see the difference.

As you go on being meditation and advancing further, your power goes on increasing. Then you may even find that, at times, just your thought can cause major positive shifts in many areas. At this stage, a person may do the practical work for himself, but may silently work not just on smaller canvas like his family or so, but works on a bigger canvas like nation or continent or globe.

Such masters are so transparent that a common man may not even know that the person to whom he is interacting is a master of this level. The total absence of pride and total humility along with total let-go with the oneness of the existence make him like this.

This is the state when a person is totally contented and peaceful. He may do his routine, have targets and meet them too, but he may still not long for anything. He would be happy with whatever he has and he has all that he needs, without any struggle.

He looks at all with compassion and has no anger or negative feeling for anyone. He never worries and is always respectful to all:

The company of such a person is pleasant to all. He never runs away from the crowd though at times the people may not give him his own space to be. Still he never allows anyone to treat him as a Guru or messenger of God or anything important like this. He feels that this status may create false inflated ego. in him, and at the same time he also wants the people to know and acknowledge the real divine not as he describes it, but as 'hey find it themselves.

I am sure there must be many stages of development after this, but I have no desire to write about anything that I have not experienced directly or indirectly. Reading books, compiling the information and writing is done by many, but I do not know how much of that is supported by personal experience. Hence I claim that each and every word I have written here is supported by personal experience. 

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