Are You There


Are You There

When: Whenever you feel sleepy.

Step 1: Ask Yourself

"Ask yourself 'Are you here?' Suddenly your thinking will stop."

Step 2: And Respond

"Then reply, 'Yes!' That will bring you into focus. When thinking stops you are alert, in the moment."

Step 3: Entering Sleep Too

"Going to sleep, suddenly call, 'Are you here?' And answer.

"In the darkness you become a flame of awareness. "It is also a remembrance of your own being, also a respectfulness, a gratitude that one day more is given to you, that again the sun will rise, that again, for one day at least, you will be able to see the roses blossom.

"A man of no-mind, a man of meditation, finds himself so grateful for each moment that life gives to him. There is no reason - you don't deserve it, nobody deserves it. It is a sheer gift of life. You cannot ask to extend your life even by a single moment. You cannot say, 'I am worthy, so let me have a few more years; I deserve it.' Nobody deserves it, but life goes on pouring in you out of its abundance." 

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