Moles on body

Moles on Eyes

  • Moles on Eyes A mole on the right side of the left eye of a man indicates a spend-thrift and a man with many vices. ·......More

Moles on Ears

  • Moles on Ears ·         A mole in either of the cars indicates a rich man or......More

Moles on Arms

  • Moles on Arms A mole on the right arm indicates a man of wealth, strength and valour. A life full of happiness and......More

Moles on Armpits

  • Moles on Armpits ·         A mole on the right armpit of a man indicates a man of moderate means with occasional......More

Moles on Chest

  • Moles on Chest As a general observation, the males and females having moles on chest or breasts have a reasoning mind, accurate reasoning, a sharp brain and......More

Moles on Breasts

  • Moles on Breasts ·         A mole on the right breast of a woman signifies that she will have more sons, lead an......More

Moles on Lips

  • Moles on Lips ·         A mole on the upper lip of a man indicates that he is social, sexy, fond of the opposite......More

Moles on Cheeks

  • Moles on Cheeks For ladies, a mole on the cheek is considered a beauty spot. ·         A mole on the left cheek......More

Moles on Tongue

  • Moles on Tongue ·         A mole on the tongue indicates interrupted education, may cause defective speech, lack of......More

Moles on Chin

  • Moles on Chin   ·         A mole on the centre of the chin of a lady means a fortunate, rich, virtuous,......More

Moles on Jaw

  • Moles on Jaw ·         A mole on the right side on the jaw of a man is auspicious and indicates that he will......More

Moles on Neck

  • Moles on Neck ·         A mole in the hollow of the neck indicates beheadment with a sharp instrument or a fatal......More

Moles on Shoulders

  • Moles on Shoulders ·         A mole on the right shoulder denotes a wise and prudent man or......More

Moles on Belly

  • Moles on Belly ·         A mole on the belly of a man signifies that he earns wealth, leads a respectable life,......More

Moles on Back

  • Moles on Back A mole on the back of a man or woman has the same effects. ·         A mole on the back is......More

Moles on Waist

  • Moles on Waist ·         As a general rule, a male or a woman having moles on waist, stomach and buttocks are......More

Moles on Eyebrows

  • Moles on Eyebrows ·         A mole on the right eyebrow of a man indicates that he will be wealthy. Early marriage to......More

Moles on Nose

  • Moles on Nose ·         On the tip of the nose, one is lucky and achieves success very quickly in every......More

Mole Shape and Size

  • Mole Shape and Size There are ten types of moles based on their shape as shown below: 1. Spots......More

Colour of Moles

  • Colour of Moles Colour of Moles There are six types of moles based on their colours. 1. Honey (brown) 2. Emerald green 3. Green 4. Red 5.......More

Moles on Head

  • Moles on Head ·         As a general rule, moles in the area of head indicate an ambitious man of high desires......More

Moles on Forehead

  • Moles on Forehead ·         A mole in the centre of the forehead indicates a person dominated by Mars and of evil and......More

Moles on Temple

  • Moles on Temple ·         A mole on the right temple of a man indicates early marriage and beautiful......More

Moles on Face

  • Moles on Face ·         On a woman's face, a mole in the lower half is auspicious. If it is honey coloured it......More

Meaning of Moles

  • Meaning of Moles A moles means a "permanent small dark spot on the human body" as defined in the English dictionary. Moles are found on many parts of the......More

Moles and Astrology

  • Moles and Astrology In astrology, each Zodiac sign dominates a particular part of the body as summarised below: 1. Aries: Head 2. Taurus: Face, Neck, Throat,......More

Moles on Wrists

  • Moles on Wrists   ·         A mole on the right wrist of a man indicates honour, wealth through his arts......More

Moles on Forearms

  • Moles on Forearms ·         A mole on the left forearm of a man means richness through hard work and difficulties. A......More

Moles on Elbow

  • Moles on Elbow ·         A mole near the elbow indicates difficulties, hard work, a fickle mind and friendship......More

Moles on Palms

  • Moles on Palms  A mole on the right palm in the centre indicates success in everything. Good position, wealth and respect. But one is arrogant and......More

Moles on Back of the Hand

  • Moles on Back of the Hand ·         A mole on the back of the right hand of a man indicates a wise man, success in all......More

Moles on Fingers

  • Moles on Fingers Moles on the inner side of fingers give good results. ·         A mole on the third phalanges......More

Moles on Mounts

  • Moles on Mounts A mole on the mounts of either hand gives the same results for men and women. ·         A mole......More

Moles on Nails

  • Moles on Nails We observe white patches appearing on the nails of the fingers and toes; they indicate for the coming events up to six months. The significance......More

Moles on Hips

  • Moles on Hips Moles on the hips are inauspicious. In general, they indicate limited children, disturbed mind and more family......More

Moles on Groins

  • Moles on Groins The moles are inauspicious like those on hips.  ...More

Moles on Knees

  • Moles on Knees ·         A mole on the right knee means a happy marriage with a beautiful and accomplished lady.......More

Moles on Calf Muscles

  • Moles on Calf Muscles A mole on the calf muscles indicates early settlement in life. Long journeys are indicated.  ...More

Moles on Legs

  • Moles on Legs ·         A mole on the right leg of a man indicates strength, courage and employment. He is......More

Moles on Ankles

  • Moles on Ankles ·         A mole on the right side of the right ankle of man indicates a pious man, a philosopher......More

Moles on Feet

  • Moles on Feet ·         A mole on the toes of a foot indicates......More

Moles on Soles

  • Moles on Soles ·         A mole on the sole of a man signifies company with women of......More

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