Metal Pollution

Metal Pollution

Biochemists know that a mineral in raw element form always

inhibits the enzyme using that mineral. Copper from the meat and

vegetables you eat is essential. Inorganic copper, like you would

get from a copper bottomed kettle or copper plumbing, is

carcinogenic3. Unfortunately, the inorganic form of metals is what

pervades our environment. We put metal jewelry on our skin, eat

bread baked in metal pans, and drink water from metal plumbing.

Another obvious metallic threat is tooth fillings. Mercury

amalgam fillings, despite the assurances of the American Dental

Association, are not safe. And sometimes the mercury is polluted

with thallium, even more toxic than mercury! Gold and silver

seem to have fewer harmful effects, but no one should have any

pure metal in or on their body.

Other prevalent toxic metals include lead and cadmium from

soldered and galvanized plumbing, nickel and chromium from

dentalware and cosmetics, and aluminum from food and drink

cans, and cooking pots.

3Haleem J. lssaq, The Role of Metals in Tumor Development and

inhibition. From Carcinogenicity and Metal Ions, volume 10, page 61,

of a series called Metal Ions in Biological Systems, edited by Helmut Sigel, 1980.

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