• Height A tall man with well-proportioned body parts is lucky and leads a comfortable life. A short-statured man is sexy in nature, often he is clever and......More


  • Head If the head is round and big in size, it denotes that such a person will be a good administrator and will hold a good position in life.When the head......More

Hair on Head

  • Hair on Head If the hair on the head is jet-black and thick, it shows a person who is endowed with manly qualities.But when the hair is thin and black, such a......More


  • Forehead If the forehead is broad, the subject will be generous, intelligent and learned.And when it is short, it denotes that he will be poor and have a......More


  • Eyebrows When the eyebrows are curved like a bow, the man is wealthy and will lead a comfortable life.If they are shaped like a fish, the person may turn......More


  • Eyes When the ends of eyes are red, it denotes that such a person is very popular amongst the fair sex. When the eyes arc red, they indicate a sexy......More


  • Ears When the ears of a man are small in size, it indicates his foolish nature.A long-eared person is very often intelligent.If the ears are twisted and......More


  • Face When the face is round, the person is quite jovial in nature, he will like to meet people. If it is big and out of proportion, the person is likely......More


  • Nose When the nose is long and of yellow colour, the person will be wealthy, lucky and will enjoy power. When it is very long, he is shameless. If it is......More


  • Cheeks When the cheeks are raised, the person is selfish. If dimples are seen while laughing or talking, the subject will be wealthy and lucky.In case the......More


  • Chin When the chin is long and hangs down, he is talkative. But when there is only a little hair on the chin, the man should be classed as selfish, of a......More


  • Mouth A big mouth indicates a bold nature.If it is broad, it is not lucky.If short, such a person will be greedy, quarrelsome and wicked....More


  • Lips When the colour of the lips is red, the person is of a sanguine nature.If it is black, white or if the lips are long or broad, they are indications......More


  • Belly When the belly is not very big but is of a good size, it indicates a lucky disposition. A long but thin belly denotes a high rank......More


  • Navel When the navel is big and round, the man is generous and wealthy.If it is deep and fleshy, he attains good rank and position in life.If it is small......More


  • Waist When the waist is of a sandwich type, the man will lead a miserable life. If he has a long, broad and fleshy waist, he will be wealthy, lucky......More


  • Back There are bones at the back which may number 9,10,12 or 14; they indicate a person who is popular, wealthy, spiritually inclined or unlucky,......More


  • Thighs Broad and fleshy thighs are an indication of good luck; if otherwise, they show bad luck. If there is thick hair, he is popular amongst women.......More

Calf Muscles

  • Calf Muscles When the muscles of the calf are tapering, well-shaped and fleshy, they show a man to be wealthy, lucky and popular who will enjoy a good life....More


  •  Feet When one has long and fleshy feet, one is wealthy and enjoys power. If the feet are of average size, one leads an average life....More

Hair on Body

  • Hair on Body If there is thick hair on the body, it denotes a miserable life, if the hair is scanty, the man will be lucky. If the hair is thin, the man may......More

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