• Height The average height of a woman makes her loved by her husband and such a woman is well versed in household duties and performs them well Balanced in......More

Hair on the Head

  • Hair on the Head It is an accepted dictum that a woman should have long, dark hair which is looked upon as a symbol of beauty. When a woman has shoulder-length......More


  • Head When the front part of the head is straight, she is lucky. If the head is curved, it indicates that she will be lucky and will lead a comfortable......More


  • Forehead The forehead of a woman is that part of the body which gives a first- hand impression of a woman and can be analysed thus: When the forehead is long......More

Lines on Forehead

  • Lines on Forehead If there is one line on the forehead the age is estimated as 40 years, two lines denote 60 years, three lines is estimated as 70 years, four lines......More


  • Eyebrows Another eye-catching feature of the face is the eyebrows. Disturbed, wavy, irregular eyebrows do not appeal to a person. When the eyebrows are like......More


  • Eyes The sparkling eyes of a damsel attract everybody and are universally loved. The other types of eyes are detailed as under: When the eyes of a......More


  • Nose Like the eyes, the nose has a special importance in the face. If the nose of a woman is hooked like that of a parrot, she is good-natured, enjoys......More


  • Ears When a woman has long ears, a little flabby, soft, proportionate in dimensions, and appeals to the naked eye, it indicates that she will be lucky......More


  • Face It is said that the face is an index of the mind, fortune and personality. Everything depends on the face, particularly in this materialistic......More


  • Cheeks Red, blood-coloured radiant cheeks are liked by everybody. If a damsel has round, fleshy, full and red cheeks, it indicates good health and beauty,......More


  • Lips If the lips are red, thin, smooth, hairless, well shaped and of equal proportion, they are regarded as good. Such a woman is loved by her husband......More


  • Teeth 	When the teeth of a woman are white, lustrous, shining, pearl- like, of equal size and sixteen in number in each set, it indicates fortune. If the......More


  • Chin A round, smooth, soft, symmetrical and proportionate chin is a sign of good luck for a woman. When the chin is heavy, fat, protruding, conical, out......More


  • Tongue A red-coloured tongue indicates a lucky girl. If the colour of the tongue is black, such a woman will be quarrelsome, jealous, hot-tempered and......More


  • Neck A smooth, conch-like, not very long neck adds beauty to a woman. This type of neck is called a surahidar neck. A long necked girl is not lucky. A......More


  • Breasts A woman with proportionate, round and well set breasts is regarded as an asset to the family and society. If the breasts are round, hard, veins......More


  • Voice A sweet voice is God's gift. Ladies gifted with such a sweet and pleasing voice are generally good-natured, loving, and attractive. A harsh and......More


  •  Palate The palate is the roof of the mouth, generally found red in colour. A woman with a soft palate red in colour is very fortunate. If its colour is......More


  • Arms Straight, hairless, soft and fleshy, well-shaped and proportionately-built arms generally belong to a lucky lady. If the arms are hairy, hard, stiff......More


  • Shoulders A damsel having straight, not too long, short and fleshy shoulders is termed lucky. When the shoulders are crooked, fat and hairy, they are an......More


  • Hands There are many types of hands and we shall here discuss some specific points about hands. Extraordinarily long hands of a woman denote ill-luck and......More


  • Belly Not too wide and high, proportionate and symmetrical, soft, smooth, hairless, not very large-these are the main specifications of a belly which......More


  • Navel If the navel point is deep, beautiful, the woman is popular and is loved by her husband. If the navel point is broad, fleshy but not very deep, it......More

Fingers and Thumbs

  • Fingers and Thumbs Here we shall discuss fingers and thumbs in general only from the physiognomical point of view. When the fingers of a damsel are long, thin, soft......More


  • Waist When the waist of a lady is fat, it indicates her loose character; she is fond of good dresses. A waist that is narrow, well formed, not too small......More


  • Thighs The thighs should be straight, round, tapering, hairless, fleshy, not bony. Then such a lady will be lucky, brave and kind- hearted. When the......More

Hair on Body

  • Hair on Body When the hair on the body of a damsel is standing and hard, she will tend to be a slave. If the hair is curly and even, she will be lucky. If the......More


  • Back When the back of a woman is fleshy and the long backbone is not visible, it indicates that such a woman will be lucky and wealthy. If the back is......More


  • Knees When the knees of a woman are fleshy and round, it indicates that she will be fortunate. If the knees are not so fleshy, the woman will have a......More

Calf Muscles

  • Calf Muscles If the calves of a woman are tapering, round, fleshy and hairless, it indicates that such a woman is pious, religious and will do good deeds. If......More


  • Ankles When the ankles of a woman are fleshy and round, they promise a fortunate life. If the ankles produce a sound when they get rubbed against each......More


  •  Heels When the heel of the right foot is high and fat, the woman is lucky, will have children and also a good disposition. If the heels are broad, they......More


  •  Feet Feet are the major indication of the character and luck of a woman. While walking, if the full foot falls flat on the ground and all the toes touch......More


  • Toe-nails When the nails are red, she will be blessed with all the comforts of life and will have children. If black, she will be of a loose character and......More

Lines under Feet

  • Lines under Feet There are lines under the feet with indications. If a line starts from the sole of the foot and runs to the first toe, such a lady is married early......More

Results of Body Parts taken Together

  • Results of Body Parts taken... We shall now discuss. the combined results of different body parts taken together. When a damsel has a round head, when her hair is jet black and......More

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