Planet Prediction

Sun Astrology

  • Sun Astrology Surya or Ravi (soo' ree yah; rah' vee) How We Act and Direct Common Abbreviation Su Key Words Father; activity; leading; ego; vitality; personal power Zodiac Ruler of Leo Favorable Traits Directs and inspires others; thinks big;...... More

Moon Astrology

  • Moon Astrology Chandra or Soma (chahn' drah; so' mah) How We Feel and Respond YOUR MOON SIGN The Moon plays a significant role in Vedic astrology analysis. Because of this, the sign in which your Moon is placed in the birth chart is traditionally...... More

Mars Astrology

  • Mars Astrology Mangala or Kuja (muhn' gah lah, koo' jah) How We Execute and Take Action Common Abbreviation Ma Keywords Siblings; action; energy; fighting; guarding; self-directed Zodiac Ruler of Aries and Scorpio Favorable Traits Executive qualities;...... More

Venus Astrology

  • Venus Astrology Shukra (shoo' krah) How We Love, Enjoy, and Relate Common Abbreviation Ve Key Words Relating; loving; the partner; the middle man; beauty and art Zodiac Ruler of Taurus and Libra Favorable Traits Mannerly; social skills; artistic sense; helps...... More

Saturn Astrology

  • Saturn Astrology Shani (shaw' nee) How We Focus, Take Responsibility, and Regulate Our Lives Common Abbreviation Sa Key Words Focus; order; structure; regulation; conservation; control; discipline; time Zodiac Ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius Favorable Traits...... More

Jupiter Astrology

  • Jupiter Astrology Guru or Brihaspati (goo' roo, bree hus' puh tee) How We Know and Grow Common Abbreviation Ju Key Words Wisdom; growth; knowledge; education; prosperity Zodiac Ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces Favorable Traits Wisdom;...... More

Mercury Astrology

  • Mercury Astrology Budha (boo' dah) How We Think and Speak Common Abbreviation Me Key Words Cousins; communicating; thinking; writing; calculating; speaking Zodiac Ruler of Gemini and Virgo Favorable Traits Discriminating (in the positive sense);...... More

Rahu Astrology

  • Rahu Astrology Rahu (rah' hoo) To Unveil or to Shadow Note Rahu, as a node, is Created as the shadow at some- thing else. Its identity is in its associations, so chart significations and where it carries its influence will depend on its location and...... More

Ketu Astrology

  • Ketu Astrology Ketu (keh' tOO) To Reorganize and Enlighten Note Ketu, as a node, is created as the shadow of something else. Its identity is in its associations, so chart significations and where it carries its influence to will depend on its location...... More

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