Air Pollution

Improve the quality of the air by lowering the pollution level.

Check into carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, fumes from a gas

stove pilot light, auto exhaust from an attached garage or nearby

highway, arsenic from household pesticide, PVC from new

plastic curtains or carpeting, formaldehyde from wearing new

clothing before washing it, asbestos from hair dryers, freon from

a refrigerator, fiberglass, and chlorine from running tap water.

Some of these displace oxygen, some are simply toxic to

the body and lungs. Clean up the air according to the general

principles of environmental cleanup (see Four Clean-ups, page


For the elderly pay special attention to chlorine in the air.

Shower water puts a lot of chlorine into the bathroom air which

then distributes itself through the rest of the house. Notice

whether your elderly person goes into the bathroom in fair shape

mentally but comes out confused, unreasonable. Not every day's

chlorine exposure will have the same effect. Trust your judgment.

Attach a carbon filter to the shower head (see Sources). Purchase

a variety that has very simple-to-replace cartridges. Figure out

how long it should last and write the date for replacement on the

outside of it for your own convenience.

When into and out of the bathroom is a different performance

suspect chlorine. Put a filter on your faucets.

Chlorinated water can cause mental problems.

Washing hands and face in chlorinated water can give off

enough chlorine to trigger a manic episode in a manic-depressive

person. Certainly, it is enough to cause mental effects in an elderly person. Of course, the chlorine bleach bottle

should not be kept under the sink. It should be kept in a closed

plastic bag in the garage. It should not be used while the elderly

person is in the house and never for his or her laundry. Use

chlorine-free bleach.

Don't pollute the air with fresh flowers, potpourris, or room

fresheners. These can induce a dizzy spell.

Room air conditioners may have a fiberglass filter! This fills

the house with tiny particles of glass to be breathed by everybody.

The body makes tumors out of them in order to stop them

from cutting through your tissue. Replace the filter with a foam

sheet. This sheet is 1/8 inch thick and washable. I have not found

these types of foam filters to emit formaldehyde.

Room air filters are not the answer to polluted air. Removing

the pollution source is. Air filters may remove some of the toxic

elements but by blowing the air (and dust) around vigorously the

remaining toxins are made much more vicious in their effect. The

noise of a filter motor and fumes it may put out itself adds misery

to the simple job of breathing. Using a non-fiberglass filter at the

furnace is a better idea.

Make sure all fragrances are removed from the air, even

though family members “like” them. They don't belong in air. The

lungs treat them like toxins to be coughed up or removed by the

kidneys and immune system. This includes colognes, scented

tissues, soap and shampoo and shaving supplies. If you can walk

into the bathroom blindfolded and know you're in the bathroom,

it's not clean enough. Everything in the bathroom pollutes the air

of the whole house. People who must use fragrance should apply

it outdoors to keep the indoor air less polluted.

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