Heart/Kidney Relationship

A strong heart is necessary, too, to push the blood through the

kidneys. Often a kidney problem is linked to the heart disorder.

Kidneys are made of tubes that get finer and finer. It takes

pressure, namely strength, to push the blood through them so

wastes and extra water can be let down the kidney tube. Think of

the kidneys as a colander full of tiny holes of various sizes that

let certain things through them but not bigger things. These holes

are constantly being adjusted by the adrenals which sit right on

top of the kidneys and “supervise”.

If the elderly person is not producing four cups of urine in a

day (24 hours), it is not enough. The body cannot get enough

cleansing action from less than four cups. More liquid must be

consumed. If most of the urine is passed in the night this reflects

on unhealthy kidneys. Use the kidney herb recipe—but only half

a dose (so it will take six weeks instead of three to see good

effects). As the tiny “colander” holes open up there is freer flow

and many more trips to the bathroom result. The urine loses its

awful odor (no ammonia, acetone and bacteria!) and gets a clear

look that shows no sediment. Now that water and wastes (urea

and uric acid and other acids) can leave the body quickly through

more holes, it takes less pressure from the heart to get blood

pushed through the kidneys. This brings relief to the heart

because its work is easier. The heart and kidneys work together.

Like horse and wagon the heart provides the power and the kidneys


This is why heart medicine and diuretics are commonly given

together. Diuresis (urine flow) helps the heart and a stronger

heart helps the kidneys. Similarly, they fail together. In the old

days this was called dropsy. Urine that should have left the body

is backed up in the tissues. Sometimes it shows up in pockets that

hang like giant oranges from the skin.

Even (especially) when the strongest diuretics (MaxzideTM,

LasixTM) fail to work, even when coupled with strong heart

medicine (DigitoxinTM), the kidney herb recipe can bail you out

of the emergency.

The secret is in the varied actions of different herbs. This

makes them work together. Be very careful to keep the herb tea

sterile by reheating every fourth day. Freeze unused larger

amounts. If too much is drunk at once, especially on the first day,

a stomach ache can develop and a pressure felt in the bladder

that is most uncomfortable. Go extra slow on the first few days,

even though you find it quite tasty, so there is no discomfort (only

lots of bathroom visits).

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