is always associated with high levels of parasites and bacteria.

This leads me to believe it is their waste products, namely

ammonia, that really causes insomnia. Read the section on Insomnia

under Sleep Problems for more on this (page 243).

A sound sleep refreshes as nothing else can. Your elderly

person will have more energy throughout the day and a better

mood if sleep was good.

Of course you must guard against daytime napping if nights

are sleepless. Sleep at night is more important than sleep by day.

They are not equal. Try to turn your loved one's cycle back to

night-time sleeping if it has become turned around by bad kidney

function (frequent urination at night) or too much daytime

napping. Sleep can be disturbed by taking vitamins at bedtime

too. Sleep is enhanced by taking magnesium. Limit bedtime

supplements to magnesium, ornithine, valerian (6 capsules) taken

with hot milk.

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