Not Old Yet

For persons merely over 40 and not ill a most important rule

is: don't overdo.

It's easy to injure tendons and muscles by pulling or

stretching them too far. Don't try, with almighty determination to

open a jar. Leave it for stronger hands. Don't try to stretch a

gigantic stretch to reach something on a high shelf. Wait for

someone taller to come along and reach it down for you. Don't do

exercises, that have left you with strains in the past. Do different

exercises. Don't do new exercises, with a determined approach;

start moderately; stay moderate. If you start a new job that uses a

foot, leg, hand or wrist a lot, more than it was used before, even

though it's in ordinary use, it can feel injured. These stresses and

strains invite bacteria toward themselves. Bacteria from the liver

or your own intestines find these strained tissues immediately

and intensify the pain. Kill the bacteria with a zapper, cleanse the

liver, and start the Bowel Program if this has already happened

to you.

Don't kneel on the floor to do some cleaning job. Don't sit on

the floor at a gathering. Don't let your grandchildren take ďridesĒ

on you. Don't bend over as far as you can to pick something up.

Let your family know you are aiming to reach 100 years in

healthy condition.

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