Other Clues

Digestion problems that remain after eliminating bacteria can

be diagnosed in a rational way. Ask these questions:

• Is the stool orangish-yellow, or very pale, instead of

greenish brown? If so, bile isn't getting delivered to the

small intestine from the liver.

• Is there abdominal pain? (More about this on page 97). It

may be due to Ascaris, flukes, or other parasites.

• Is there constipation? This will let wastes accumulate, all

the longer for bacteria to thrive on them.

• Is there bloating? This is due to gas made by bacteria.

• Does the stool float? If so, it must be lighter than water and

contain fat or a great deal of undigested material.

Liver Bile

Bile is necessary for digestion. Absorption of fat and calcium

depends on bile mixing with the food. When fat isn't absorbed, it

stays in the intestine. Fat is lighter than water; it makes the stool

float. Feces should not float. When the stool floats you can

assume that calcium isn't being absorbed either, leaving the

blood in a deficit which will be taken from the bones.

If the stool floats or is orangish in color prepare your elderly

person for a liver cleanse (page 552) to clear a bile duct of obstruction.

They get quite fond of these cleanses and will ask to

have one. Liver cleanses are completely safe, even for persons in

their 80's. One of the stones pictured on page 554 came from a

woman age 97. The general rules apply to the extremely elderly:

kill all parasites first by zapper if possible, otherwise by

herbal parasite killing. Do a kidney cleanse (page 549) first,

using half a dose instead of the regular dose, for three to six

weeks. Attend your loved one in person for the liver cleanse,

have a commode at bedside, protect bedding from accident: use

paper underwear if necessary. Share the joy of getting gallstones

out painlessly with your loved one; let them see and count them if

they wish before you flush them (use a flashlight).

Be extra careful with the skin cleansing. Hot water soothes

and heals. Use starch skin soother to dispense onto the wet paper

towel, besides borax solution and alcohol. Don't use ordinary

soap. The starch skin softener gives the smoothness of soap, and

prevents the pain of friction. An elderly person may have no

diarrhea at all with the Epsom salts! Evidently the body absorbs

all the magnesium so eagerly, none is left in the intestine to

absorb water and create diarrhea. It is especially important

though to rehydrate your elderly person after a diarrhea. This

time they do not balk at water consumption. The liver cleanse, it

seems, gives them new thirst as well as new appetite. But it

doesn't last long. As the stones from the far corners of the liver

move forward, they compact into larger stones and plug the ducts

again. Their previous symptoms return. Try to give a cleanse

once a month until the dark color of the stool returns and it no

longer floats.

The benefits of a liver cleanse will last longer if valerian

herb is taken the day after the cleanse and from then forward. It

may be preventing spasm of the bile ducts. Use 2 oz. of the herb

(cut) in 3 cups water. Simmer for 5-10 minutes, let settle or

strain. Add honey to sweeten. Give a few tbs. every 4 hours (or 6

capsules) for several days followed by a daily dose at bedtime.

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