Poop Your Troubles Away

Two bowel movements a day are the minimum necessary for

good health. The first one should be in the morning. The morning

cup of water, drunk at the bedside has the magical ability to

move the bowels. Cold water may fail. But the water effect only

works in the early morning. Waiting until after breakfast may not

work. Notice the energy lift your loved one gets from this most

primitive body cleanse. Take advantage of this to exercise them.

Go immediately for the morning walk. This might be the only

time of day they can enjoy their walk.

Walking and liver cleansing are the most health-promoting

activities you can do for your loved one.

Make walking as essential as eating. Walking is not merely

walking about the house or shopping. Walking should be done

outdoors. Walking is a brisk exercise, done as speedily as possi

ble and lasting at least Ĺ hour. Only if the weather doesn't allow

outdoor walking can an indoor walk be substituted. Don't let your

elderly person choose whether they will walk that day. To

overcome resistance, find a cheerful neighborhood person willing

to do this task for pay. The need to respond to a new stranger

energizes the elderly more than your persuasion can.

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