Pushing Back Age

This chapter is a tribute to Jimmy, Nazy, Michele, Suzanne,

Marlena and all the others who achieved excellence with daily

care-taking of Mary Austin, deceased at 97.

It's true that we have to die sometime. But why die before our

life span is up? If many people can live to 100 years, then surely

this is the human life span, not three score and ten. Some

scientists think the true human life span is closer to 140 years!

And that we all lead shortened lives. The shortening is due to

failure of some organ in us. Other organs are dependent on the

failing organ and begin to fail also. When the brain fails, death

occurs, sometimes in five minutes.

If we knew which organ is failing, we could come to its assistance

and prevent the collapse of the whole body. Often it is

easy to see which organ is failing. But whether this is the true

beginning of the body's problems we cannot know. Before death

there may have been appetite loss. Before the appetite loss there

may have been a broken hip. Before the broken hip, dizziness.

Before the dizziness a blood pressure or blood sugar problem.

Before these, an episode of “flu” or a dental “repair.” Sometimes

we know what started it all. But often we don't. Just make a guess

and begin somewhere.

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