1. Tuna with salad dressing or tuna salad (no pasta). Non-

wheat raisin bread (from natural foods store) and butter.

Milk, water.

2. Custard, cooked greens, baked potato. Rice-bread and

butter. Herb tea with milk added (single herb only, not

mixed herbs).

3. Vegetable soup, homemade, from scratch. Leftover meat

sandwich with rice-bread (no deli or cold cuts or luncheon

meat). Milk, water.

4. Baked squash with butter, rice pudding with cinnamon,

raisins, and honey. Canned salmon or sardines with wheat

free, corn free bread. Milk, water.

5. Chili or stew leftovers with wheat free, corn free bread.

Custard pudding sweetened with honey, and nutmeg/

cinnamon mix. Milk, water.

6. Sardines and rice bread or other wheat free, corn free

bread. Homemade tomato juice with celery, strained. Milk,

plain water. Pie a la mode (homemade pumpkin or squash

pie and homemade ice cream).

7. Potato salad. Leftover meat dish and beans, stewed tomatoes,

squash. Baked apple with cinnamon, cream and honey.

Milk, water.

Many diabetics lose 50 points (mg/DL) of blood sugar in a

few days on this diet. This is why: there is less bread than a diabetic

would prefer. There is very little cheese (it must always be

boiled in a sauce to sterilize). There is no fruit or vegetable juice

except homemade, and not much of that because it crowds out

milk and water. If your elderly loved one can't eat all this, make

sure there are no snacks consumed between meals that are forbidden.

There is no pasta anywhere. Pasta is mold-ridden. Even after

cooking, it may be toxic. There is no wheat or corn bread. The

menu is heavy on green beans and asparagus and cinnamon. If by

chance, your elderly person hates these and starves themselves to

get your sympathy, add a lot more potatoes and rice (never

brown) to raise calories.

There is no sweetening other than honey (5 kinds). There are

no syrups or sugars. Honey is self limitingóthe taste for it is all

gone after 1 tbs. Not so for other sugars. The heavy use of cream

and butter is offset by no deep fat fried food and little cheese.

Keep in mind that this diet may reduce the need for insulin

almost immediately. You may have to cut it in half! But how

would you know this? The morning blood sugar test is essential

to keep track of changing circumstances. Don't neglect it. Be

careful not to use rubbing alcohol when making the finger stick

(use vodka or grain alcohol). Your elderly person will feel it is

all worthwhile (doing without coffee or pie) if one less insulin

shot is needed or if they can go back on tablets instead of insu

lin. Or even just the knowledge they are staying well controlled

and will never have to take insulin shots. Remember to give

yourself the credit for a fine accomplishment when your loved

one's diabetes improves.

Do you have any questions?

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