Tremor is a symptom, not a natural part of aging. The nerves

controlling the hands and arms are poisoned. The nerves

originate in the brain where the poison has accumulated. What is

the poison? Did it happen long ago? No! It could have happened

as long as two weeks ago but not longer!

Tremor is the result of ongoing poisoning! It is important to

find the poison as soon as you can since the rest of the body will

soon be affected, too. Search your memory for the new things that

happened in the last two weeks. It is a herculean task but only

gets harder each day, so keep notes as you ask: Is there new

carpeting? Is there a new furnace? Is there a different water

supply? Is there a new hair dresser? Did somebody bring a vase

of fresh flowers? Is there a new laundry person? Was the place

sprayed for insects? Is there a new medicine (drug) or supplement?

Was remodeling done? Is there a new food?

The list is endless and the situation looks hopeless because

so many new things can happen in two weeks.

Rather than asking individual questions like these, let's ask

only five general questions and have the assurance that one of

them will catch the culprit.

1. Is it in the air? This will catch insecticide, flowers, carpets

all together.

2. Is it in the water?

3. Is it in the medicines or supplements?

4. Is it in the clothing?

5. Is it in the food or on the dishes?

To answer each question, test the item using your Syncrometer

searching technique. Make a test substance. Then search

a saliva sample for it.

To test the air, take a dust sample off the kitchen counter or

table (this gives you fresh dust). Pick up the dust with a few

wipes by a small, two inch square of damp paper towel. Place in

a resealable baggy.

To test the water, make samples by putting about a tsp. of hot,

cold, or filtered water into a resealable baggy with a bit of paper

towel in it. Try to get the first morning water before it has run.

To test the medicines and supplements put one of each in resealable


To test clothing (laundry) use a bit of it, (such as a sock)

rolled up tightly.

Testing food is the biggest job. If there are leftovers in the

refrigerator or freezer, this helps. You can combine all the leftovers

in a single baggy. Frozen things don't need to be thawed for

testing. Still, the chance of missing a food culprit is quite high.

Be sure to test everything eaten in a two week time period: unusual

things like popcorn, candy, crackers, cookies, health foods

and special powders. A consolation is that you will find a number

of bad foods that are not necessarily the tremor causes but

which cause other health problems.

Do you have any questions?

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