Bharli Vangi


Bharli Vangi

Bharli Vangi

Stuffed Aubergine


5 tbsp oil

6 peppercorns

6 cloves

1 cup coriander leaves, chopped

3 onions, sliced

1 cup coconut, grated

1 tsp tamarind pulp

20 cashew nuts, finely-chopped

1 tsp sugar

8-10 small round brinjals, stemmed and slit lengthwise into 4

Salt to taste

3 potatoes, peeled and quartered

1 tsp chilli powder

1 ½ tbsp coriander seeds

1 tsp black masala

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

To Garnish

Finely chopped coriander leaves


1. Heat one tablespoon of oil in a thick vessel and add peppercorns, cloves, coriander seeds, sliced onion and coconut. Roast till brown and grind to a fine paste with water.

2. To this paste add all powders, tamarind pulp, cashewnuts, sugar and salt. Stuff this mixture into the brinjals and mix the potatoes with the remaining mixture.

3. Heat the remaining oil in a pressure pan. Arrange brinjals and the potato mixture around them. Add one cup of water and cook under pressure for five to seven minutes. Transfer to a serving bowl. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with bhakris.


Serves 4-6 

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