Gurunanak Ji

  • Guru Nanak The first Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak was an emblem of unconditional love and surrender to the one Absolute God. He had an adorable personality and an enchanting face; a strong, healthy and powerful body which always remained......More

Life of Guru Nanak Ji

  • Life of Guru Nanak Guru Nanak was born on the 3rd of Vaishakh, Samvat 1528 (April 1469 as per the English calendar) at Talwandi Rai Bhoe, Nankana Sahib of today, near Lahore, now in Pakistan. His father Kalu Mehta (Kalian Das Mehta) belonged......More

Journey of Guru Nanak Ji

  • Journey of Guru Nanak         One of the most important aspects of his life, knowledge, learning and teachings are the journeys of Guru Nanak. Though he tried to achieve a balance between the life......More


  • Leaves from the Life of Guru Nanak Many famous anecdotes and tales from the life of Guru Nanak are told in different versions. There are variations in each version too. Different narrators and biographers mix and re-mix their ideas. The......More

Two Nights of Gurunanak Ji

  • Two Nights Travelling was an integral part of the life of Guru Nanak. He learnt and taught during his numerous short and long journeys, mostly on foot. This was one important reason that he was closer to the masses and had a definite mass......More

Previous life of Gurunanak Ji

  • Previous life Many illuminating stories from the life of Guru Nanak are recorded in Dabistan. They give insight into the life, mind and teachings of the great Guru. Some of them amply explain the Guru's reincarnation and appearance on......More


  • Tera Guru Nanak had spiritual longing from his early years. His father, Kalu Mehta, tried his best to make him interested in domestic activities, but Nanak was always on a different and lonely path, submerged deep in meditation and......More

Guru nanak dev ji in Mecca

  • Guru nanak dev ji in Mecca Guru Nanak claimed that all are sons of God and God pervades all. The Supreme Power is everywhere. Almost each of the 974 hymns composed by Guru Nanak and included in Sri Guru Granth Sahib is a 'confession......More


  • Teacher Guru Nanak's father Kalu Mehta was not pleased with the unchildlike and serious behaviour of his only son, who remained alone and aloof The father was worried. After a good deal of deliberation he sent him to a school where a......More

A Snake

  • A Snake Guru Nanak showed signs of divinity from early childhood and was full of positive energy. The cosmic energy in a man is easily perceived by Nature, trees and animals, and are quietly attracted by the hidden power of a man like Nanak.......More

Lago and Bhago

  • Lago and Bhago The divinity of Guru Nanak lay in simple, pious living, in humility, tolerance, equality and brotherhood. That is how he himself lived and asked others to live in this rhythmical way for the peace and ease of the eternal......More


  • Karoria Guru Nanak was returning from his second Udasi. The holy journey was almost over. He stayed on the western banks of the river Ravi for quite a long time. His morning sumiran and evening sohila became very popular. Almost the entire......More

The Rabab and Mardana

  • The Rabab and Mardana Guru Nanak was not only a poet who composed hymns but a singer too. His verses are classical in nature and outlook, not simple metrical compositions. To the purist, the poetic metre and the counting of accented and......More

Faqir Bahlol

  • Faqir Bahlol Around 1520, Guru Nanak was in Baghdad, a stronghold of Islam. Oblivious of all talks going on in the city, Guru Nanak kept singing hymns in praise of the formless and limitless Supreme God. This was treated as blasphemy. The......More

Shah Sharaf

  • Shah Sharaf During one of the Udasis, the holy journey, Guru Nanak came to Panipat. A renowned Muslim Sufi, Shah Sharaf resided there. He had heard ofNanak and knew his views, but he had many doubts. When he heard N anak was in Panipat he......More

Pir Bahauddin

  • Pir Bahauddin Guru Nanak was once in Multan. As usual his way of singing hymns, his enchanting personality and Mardana's Rabab were attracting people. But there were some jealous ones who did not like this since their own fame and......More

Gold and Blood

  • Gold and Blood It was the rainy season. Guru Nanak was staying outside a town. In the morning prayer only a few outsiders participated while in the evening hundreds of disciples carne to see him and listen to his spiritual discourse. In the......More

Offering Water

  • Offering Water Haridwar was and still is a great pilgrimage centre. This is said to be the place before the door of the Lord. Lakhs of Hindus gather there. During the Pitripaksba (fortnight of forefathers), devout Hindus perform Tarpan and......More

Perfect Answer

  • Perfect Answer Returning home from one of the holy journeys, Nanak stopped at Syedpur in western Punjab. This was the time of the invasion of the first Mughal emperor Babur. War, killing, loot, destruction was happening all around and India......More

The Test

  • The Test Guru Nanak had grown old and weak. He knew his end was near. So, he was looking for a successor to be the next Guru. He tested his disciples in many ways. Though he liked some, yet he could not take a final decision. Once......More


  • Punishment From his very childhood, Nanak would begin meditating anytime or anywhere. He would then easily fall deep into trance. All worldly things would vanish for him. He was not attached to the material world. Nanak served Daulat......More


  • Sajjan When Guru Nanak was in Multan he heard about a cruel Muslim thug Sajjan. The notorious thug lived in Tulambah, near present-day Makhdumpur railway station. He was notorious for poisoning those who passed through his area, and then......More


  • Babur This incident took place when the forces of Babur were in full cry. None was spared. Those who couldn't flee were mercilessly killed. Horror ruled the country. Anarchy, lawlessness, injustice and open murders were the order of the......More

The Doctor

  • The Doctor Nanak was an 'abnormal' child born on Vaishakh Purnima. Many great men are said to have been born on Vaishakh Purnima. Incidentally, all of them showed some abnormal tendencies. Their guardians were worried about them. At......More


  • Ahimsa Ajit Randhava, a rich merchant, went to the Guru at Kartarpur and asked, "What is ahimsa? How can it be practiced?" The Guru replied, 1. Do not wish evil for anyone. This is ahimsa of thought. 2. Do not......More

Guru Nanaks Ways of Worship

  • Guru Nanaks Ways of Worship Guru Nanak was a rare devotee and worshipper who himself was a renowned and most acceptable Guru. He said that only a Guru could show the real path to God. He himself had God for his Guru, and God was the Guru par......More

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