Sprit of Service


Sprit of Service

Record-breaking Austerities

Characteristic attainments in the field of the Terapantha’s austerity has strengthened the order. Fasting is a very common austerity in the order. Many monks and nuns of this order are performing fasts on alternate days for the whole life. Fasting for five days and so on even up to a month are also practiced by several tapasvi ascetics. There is a record of undertaking a fast of 108 days at a stretch. Some monks and nuns practice fasting by only taking "Achha (whey of heated butter-milk). Such type of austerities have been performed for four, six, nine and even up to twelve months at a stretch.

Unparalleled Sprit of Service

There is an unflinching spirit and earnest desire in all Terapanthi monks and nuns to serve the handicapped, old and sick. fellow. Right from their initiation, the monks and nuns have been getting training in rendering services to fellow ascetics, as result of which a deep sanskara of vaiavritya (spiritual services rendered to others) is inculcated in all of them. Thus, irrespective of how busy they may be in other works, this altruistic feeling develops automatically in them. The monks and nuns are taught that the services rendered to an ailing or an old ascetic amounts to helping the Acharya himself. Lord Mahavira also said that those who served the ailing and disabled ascetics really served Him. Those who are initiated in the Terapantha Order rest assured that their future lives will be free from worries concerning future illness and/or old age. Some Monastic Service Centers (Seva Kendras) have been established for serving the old and injured monks and nun's and every year a single or a couple of groups of able monks and nuns are deputed by the Acharya for this purpose. The nuns' Service Centres are at Bidasar, Shree Dungargardh, Rajaldesar, Gangashahar and Ladnun. The service centre at Ladnun was established more than one century ago. People who visit this systematic and disciplined Centres of fellow-service are always impressed and many opined that they had never seen such an excellent institution of care, anywhere else.


The philosophical base of mutual services among ascetics is that householder's services are taken only exceptionally. On account of this deep-rooted sanskara of mutual service, the religious order of Terapanth enjoys excellent spirit of co-operation, and due to this virtuous quality of co-operation, the Order continues to grow in strength day by day. 

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