Does comparing horoscopes help find compatible partners?


Since Hindus believe that a child's destiny depends upon the configuration of the nine planets at the time and place of birth, it is commonplace to have a horoscope made soon after birth. The effect of the planets on the marital life of the individual is also indicated in the horoscope. Therefore, many families compare the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom.


In astrology, marital compatibility is based on eight parameters:

Varna refers to ego development. It carries one mark.

Vashya refers to the intensity of mutual attraction and affection. It carries two marks.

Tara/Din refers to the health and well-being of the couple. It carries three marks.

Yoni refers to biological compatibility and satisfaction. It carries four marks.

Graha Maitri refers to outlook, objective, intellectual level and spiritual plane of existence. It carries five marks.

Gana refers to temperamental characteristics. It carries six marks.

Bhakut refers to family welfare. It carries seven marks.

Nadi refers to outside appearance and health. It carries eight marks.


The eight parameters together carry 36 marks, or gunas as they are called in astrology. The parameters balance each other. When the two horoscopes are compared, a minimum of 18 gunas is necessary for a match to be declared compatible. The more the gunas scored, the better the outlook. Sometimes the horoscopes may predict total incompatibility.


With computerization in every field of life, the matching of horoscopes can now also be done on the computer if the software is available. In most cases, the matching is satisfactory. However, when in doubt, particularly if one of the persons has a malefic Mangal, it is advisable to consult one who specializes in Astrology. 

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