How important is group prayer for Hindus?


Group prayers are common amongst all Hindus. Around the year there are many occasions when families or groups or even communities get together to pray, hear religious discourses and sing devotional songs. Religious discourses and activities have been practiced since ancient times. Much of the knowledge has passed on by word of mouth. This is why, despite widespread illiteracy and foreign rulers who sought to curb Hindu religious activity, most of this knowledge is still available.



Hindus have a vast ancient religious literature rich in interesting stories. Even when psychology was unknown as a line of specialization, our sages and saints used techniques that are now the norm in promoting knowledge, procedures, truth, love, justice, tolerance and good moral behaviour amongst the common man. They weaved convincing stories that are relevant even thousands of years later.


In every case good conquered evil. Every story has a moral and motivates people to stay away from evil and lead a good moral life. Stories about gods and goddesses are said to dispel fears, overcome problems, relieve pain and save people from ruin. Religious discourses are a common platform to narrate religious messages supported by appropriate stories.

In the Shrimadbhagwat, 2/8/5-6, Vedavyas said:


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