The mention of heaven and hell has a significant effect on the lives of Hindus. Other religions too give importance to the existence of heaven and hell. This means that people pass either through heaven or hell in between their death and rebirth. The desc


For Hindus marriage is not just a union between a man and woman with the intention of living as man and wife or simply a physical relationship where a man and a woman live together, bear children and raise a family. It is a much deeper bond. The physical relationship is an essential part of it. Equally important is a deep emotional bond that takes the couple towards spiritual bonding.


It is believed that marriage occurs through destiny and is the building of a relationship between two families, where not only the couple, but the other members of the two families also contribute to make it a wholesome relationship.


According to the Vedas, a marriage is a union between two bodies, two minds, two hearts, and two spirits or souls that lovingly resolve to live together just like Shiva and Parvati.

As per Hindu tradition, a marriage is an irrevocable, pure and religious relationship. Through marriage, two individuals sacrifice their independent identities to form a united family where both benefit each other through their abilities and emotional support, just as two wheels carry a vehicle forward with ease. Marriage is a union of two souls. The purpose is not restricted to sensual pleasures that marriage offers but extends to creating the foundation of a home, of having children and raising a family.


In Vedic literature, Rishi Shwetketu has clarified that it was the need for maintaining dignity and propriety of conduct between a man and woman that led to the evolution of the institution of marriage. Since then, it has withstood the test of time. 

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