What does Panch Mahayagya mean?


Religious texts say the householder must perform Panch Mahayagya.

In the Manusmriti, 3/70, it is said:


The five mahayagyas include Brahmayagya - teaching of Vedas, Pitrayagya - devoted to forefathers, Devyagya - devoted to the gods, Bhootyagya - devoted to charity, and Nriyagya or Atithiyagya - devoted to guests.

Details of the recommended five yagyas for householders are given briefly:

Brahmayagya pertains to reading the Vedas and other religious texts and teaching them to others. The study increases wisdom, and discussion during teaching helps one have a better interpretation of intricate details. This motivates one to go into deeper study. Reading religious texts and chanting the Gayatri mantra fulfils the need for Brahmayagya.

Pitrayagya pertains to tarpan, pind daan and shraddh. Religious texts assert that it is the duty of everyone to make these offerings to their forefathers. It makes them happy and content and they bless successors with wealth, wisdom, happiness and a long life.

Devyagya pertains to' making offerings to gods and performing havan. The havan helps clear the home of all kinds of pollution. Pleased with the offerings, gods bless the householder

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