What is the Hindu belief about the Navgrah?


A t a religious ceremony after making the first offering to Sri Ganesh, all Hindus make the next offering to the Navgrah or the nine planets. With the Hindu belief that God resides in all things, places and people, it is evident that everyone is connected to each other through God. We are all children of the same God. Brothers and sisters influence each other in a home. Similarly, as children of God we influence each other.


According to Hindu belief, the greatest influence upon everyone is that of the nine planets. They are in constant motion and their influence varies with their position. They influence the destinies of nations and people. They influence the life of every individual. An individual's horoscope is cast on the basis of the time and place of birth. A horoscope predicts the destiny based upon the configuration of the nine planets at the time of birth and the changes that will occur from one year to another.


Does this mean that once the destiny of an individual is cast it cannot be changed? This is not so. The position of the planets is indicative of their influence at a particular time and place. This indication is not a compelling force. It is at best a suggestive guidance. On the contrary, human effort is a definite force. Through positive actions the influence of the stars can be altered. According to Hindu belief, each of the nine planets is personified, and exerts a definite influence. This influence can be altered through appropriate activities. The purpose of making offerings to these planets is to keep them content and happy. One must get to know the nine planets well.





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