What is the Importance of Dakshina to the teacher?


When Then a student receives invaluable knowledge from a teacher, it is only appropriate that he makes token payment for it in the form of dakshina or an honorarium. By giving the honorarium the student affirms his faith and devotion to the teacher. The honorarium is also important because anything free is never given the same attention as that which is paid for.


In modern times, school and college fees take care of the honorarium. But since seeking the blessings of a spiritual guru is not like studying in a college, one does need to give an honorarium. Without the honorarium, teaching is incomplete. There are accounts that even Ram and Krishna who were incarnations of Lord Vishnu gave honorariums to their gurus. Religious texts have many examples where an honorarium to the guru is mentioned.


Once a young Bhil lad Eklavya went to Guru Dronacharya to learn the art of archery. However, Guru Dronacharya refused. Not discouraged by the refusal Eklavya made a statue of Guru Dronacharya with clay, and drawing inspiration from the statue of the guru, Eklavya practiced regularly and became an expert archer.


One day when Guru Dronacharya went to the forest along with the Pandavas, a dog accompanied them. In excitement, the dog ran ahead. When he saw Eklavya, he began barking. It was time for the evening prayer, and not to be disturbed by the barking of the dog, Eklavya shot arrows in such a manner that the dog was not hurt, but he could not bark with a closed mouth. Frightened, the dog rushed back



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