What is the importance of Diksha?


The attainment of wisdom begins with diksha, meaning initiation. The guru's favour and the student's devotion together initiate the learning process. The guru agrees to share his wisdom and experience and the student surrenders himself to follow the path directed by the teacher. This is the beginning of a foundation that will support a lifetime of knowledge and experience.


In the Gurugita, 2/131, it is said:


Whoever has the Guru mantra is always successful; others are not. With proper initiation, one is always successful.


The process of diksha, initiation, is a fine spiritual experience where like a little bud or branch, the student is grafted on to a guru, an embodiment of an established plant. To grow and flower, the bud or branch derives nourishment from the main plant. To serve the guru the student needs to give his time, effort and learning ability along with money for the upkeep. Because of his devotion and resolve the student remains united with the teacher to learn.


On the other hand, the guru responds to the efforts of the student by imparting his knowledge and experience gained through sacrifice and effort. Thus the two build a unique student-teacher relationship. It is important that there is a regular flow of inputs from both sides. Otherwise the relationship becomes futile.



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