Why do Hindu revere trees?


Hindus have always had great reverence for trees and other plants because they are the foundation of life. In the Puranas and other religious texts, great importance has been accorded to trees and plants, equating them with gods. It is recommended that they should be treated as members of the family.


With confirmation by scientists that plants are living beings, the credibility of religious texts has been strengthened. This has also strengthened belief in the effects of good and bad deeds on rebirth. The special status granted to some plants is now easier to understand.


According to religious texts, when people plant trees and care for them, those plants are reborn as their children. Whoever gives trees and plants in charity pleases the gods through flowers on the trees. In sunny and rainy weather trees serve as umbrellas to passers-by desiring refuge and rest. By offering droplets after the rain, they please forefathers. Those who offer flowers attain affluence and prosperity.

 Do not be like the devilish buzzard that troubles other birds by grabbing their necks and killing them. Do not trouble the trees. Do not uproot or cut them. They provide protection to animals, birds and other living beings.


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