Why do Hindus clap when singing devotional songs?


It is customary to clap as one sings devotional songs and hymns in groups. Sri Ramakrishan too recommended clapping during morning and evening prayers. This helps cleanse one's sins. Just as birds fly away when one claps standing under a tree, ignorance vanishes when one sings devotional songs clapping to maintain the beat and rhythm. One feels pure and invigorated.


Clapping while singing devotional songs has been popular in temples, special gatherings and even homes. Besides spiritual benefits, it helps physically too. When the palms hit each other during clapping, the mounts in the palms are pressed. Since they are connected with the internal organs through nerves, the pressure during clapping stimulates the organs, improving blood circulation and breathing. Thereby, the whole body is benefited.


Regular clapping is akin to physical exercise. The quick movement of arms stimulates the whole body. The heart, lungs and kidneys function better. With improved circulation of blood, waste products are washed out faster.


Clapping has an equally important effect upon the emotional well-being of a person. It improves concentration by steadying the mind, which in turn enhances efficiency. The senses and the mind are better controlled, which is the beginning of one's path to salvation. Indeed, as you worship God, clap your way to good health and happiness.


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Does God ignore those who do not pray to Him?

God cares for everyone. But God is always closer to those who surrender to Him.

Who is a good devotee?

A good devotee is one who accepts and surrenders to the Supreme Spirit.


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