Why do Hindus consider the Peepal tree holy?


Of all trees, the Peepal holds special significance amongst Hindus. In Taittriya Samhita, the Peepal tree is included amongst seven most important trees in the world. The importance of the tree is also attested in the Brahmvaivartpuran.

In the Padampuran, it is said that the Peepal tree is a form of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, it is accorded special importance for religious purposes. Often described as a divine tree, it is an object of prayer. On several occasions around the year prayers are offered to it. It is believed that Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi reside in the Peepal tree on Somapati Amavasya (the dark night of the month that falls on a Monday).

Vishnu resides in the root of the Pee pal tree. Keshav (another name for Krishna) resides in the trunk, Narayan in the branches, Lord Hari in the leaves and all the gods reside in the fruits. This tree is like the idol of Vishnu. All good people serve the virtues of this tree. This tree is full of all kinds of virtues and has the ability to fulfill desires and absolve the sins of people.



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