Why do Hindus use the swastika on auspicious occasions?


The swastika ~ is a benedictory or auspicious mark in the form of a cross, the four arms of which are bent at right angles. Besides Hindus, other communities and religions also consider this mark auspicious. It is therefore customary to make this mark before any auspicious ceremony or function.


In the Ganeshpuran it is said that the swastika is a form of Lord Ganesh. It is necessary that this be made before beginning any auspicious work. It has the power to remove all obstacles. Those who ignore it may fail. It is therefore customary to make all beginnings with the swastika.


In the Yajur-Veda, 25/19, it is said:


One who is renowned and glorious, Lord Indra, bless us with well-being. One who is the embodiment of knowledge of the world, Dev Pusa, bless us with well-being. One who has the weapons to destroy misfortune, Garuda Dev, please protect us. Bhagwan Brihaspati, please establish well-being in our home.


In the Atharva-Veda, 1/31/4, it is said that may our mother be blessed; may our father be blessed; may our cattle bring good fortune. Let it be auspicious for all the 'people in the 

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