Planet zodiac signs

Sun In Aries

  • Sun In Aries This is the exaltation sign of the Sun, where it remains exalted throughout the 30 degrees of this sign, and enjoys deep exaltation at 10 degrees. Aries is ruled by the fiery planet Mars and the Sun is the best friend of Mars. It should be kept...... More

Sun In Taurus

  • Sun In Taurus The sign Taurus is ruled by Venus and the Sun does not feel very comfortable in the company of Venus. So, the Sun's discomfort becomes apparent. A planet loses a certain amount of its potential and starts giving negative results, if placed in...... More

Sun In Gemini

  • Sun In Gemini Gemini is ruled by the vibrant planet Mercury. The Sun and Mercury enjoy a special relationship. It is noted that a commonly found yog (coming together) in a horoscope, which enhances the potential of the chart, is created when the Sun and...... More

Sun In Cancer

  • Sun In Cancer The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon lives in the reflected glory of the Sun. Therefore, the Sun feels comfortable when placed in this sign, but with a certain amount of restrictions. When the Sun occupies the sign of Cancer, the...... More

Sun In Leo

  • Sun In Leo Being the Lord of this sign, the Sun has special affinity with Leo. This is also the mool trikona (trine) of the Sun. There is a lot of significance attached to mool trikona because the planets tend to deliver excellent results in this situation....... More

Sun In Virgo

  • Sun In Virgo Since the Sun enjoys a special relationship with this sign, it activates the Mercurian qualities to the optimum when placed in Virgo. As a matter of fact, the Sun gives a special punch to the person and enables use of incisive intellect from time...... More

Sun In Libra

  • Sun In Libra This is a detrimental sign of the Sun and it loses not only its lustre, but many positive qualities too. A debilitated planet is not capable of producing good results, unless and until it is joined with another supportive planet or placed in a...... More

Sun In Scorpio

  • Sun In Scorpio Scorpio is ruled by Mars and the Sun enjoys a certain amount of freedom and liberty in this sign. However, the nature of this sign does not augur well, therefore, the Sun tends to produce negative results too. The Sun in Scorpio makes the person...... More

Sun In Saggittarius

  • Sun In Saggittarius Jupiter is the Lord of the Sagittarius sign and the Sun becomes strong as well as disciplined when it occupies this sign. The Sun in this house inspires the imagination of the person and enables him or her to achieve new heights, earns well in...... More

Sun In Capricorn

  • Sun In Capricorn Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the Sun feels a certain amount of discomfort when it occupies this sign. Since the Sun and Saturn do not enjoy a good relationship, this is reflected in the pattern of results - sorrow, fear and a little...... More

Sun In Aquarious

  • Sun In Aquarious Saturn is also the Lord of the Aquarius sign. There are no significant changes in the relationship; however, the Sun tends to give slightly better results in this sign. The Sun in Aquarius makes the person rich, helping him or her to enjoy a...... More

Sun In Pisces

  • Sun In Pisces Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Although, the Sun and Jupiter are good friends, the Sun loses some of its positive aspects when it occupies this sign, because the nature of the sign does not go well with the Sun. The person may suffer from health...... More

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