Foot Pain

Toe To Head Pain

Foot Pain

This kind of pain does not involve as much deposits as toe

pain and is therefore easier to clear up. But trauma to the foot is

more important. First, even though your shoes are comfortable,

change them. Get wider shoes, longer shoes, lower heels. Alternate

two pairs of shoes in a single day. In your home take shoes


Keep feet very warm. Wear natural fiber socks, not synthetics.

If your circulation is poor, take a cayenne capsule with each

meal. When circulation is moderately poor, your feet get cold

easily. When circulation is very poor, the heart pulse cannot be

felt in your feet (take your pulse just below your inner ankle).


• Get teeth cavitations cleaned (Dental Cleanup, page 409).

• Do the herbal Kidney Cleanse (page 549).

• Kill parasites and bacteria with a zapper.

• Then clean the liver (page 552).

• Check body pH in the morning upon rising using NitrazineTM

or other pH paper. Correct it as discussed in Toe

Pain. If the urinary pH is 7 or higher, it means you have a

bladder infection. Treat it immediately (page 101).

If there is any swelling around the foot or ankle, you are

“holding water.” It may be called edema. This is due to poor

adrenal and kidney function. The adrenals are located on top of

the kidneys and together they regulate how much salt and water

stays in your body. Because they are situated so close together,

they share their parasites and pollution. When the kidneys form

kidney crystals the flow

through the kidney tubes is

hindered, and less water and

salt can leave the body. It

stays in your tissues as


The kidney herb recipe

will dissolve the crystals.

But you must remove toxins

such as metal from tooth

fillings and kill parasites.

Continue doing the Kidney

Cleanse after the original six

weeks is up until all foot

pain and edema are gone.

Continue killing your tiny

invaders with a zapper

twice a week. You may need to cleanse the liver several times,

too, before all the pain and edema are gone.

The supplement, pantothenic acid (see Sources), is particularly

good for feet. Take 500 mg three times a day for several

Your kidneys with the

adrenal glands sitting like hats

on top. The ureters lead to the


weeks to see if it helps. Massage and reflexology are also good

for them.

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