Front Neck Pain

Toe To Head Pain

Front Neck Pain

Lymph nodes under the jaw strain your body fluids of the

head, removing bacteria and toxins. They are sometimes called

“neck glands.” If the stream of bacteria is endless such as when

they are coming from a hidden tooth infection, the lymph nodes

will enlarge to do a better job. They will also try to remove toxic

metals, mouthwash, and toothpaste for you.

To see what is affecting

your lymph nodes, purchase a

slide of lymph nodes. Since

we have lymph nodes in many

locations in the body, you

can't single out the neck

nodes for study. So you will

get to see all the toxins af

fecting lymph nodes every

where: PCBs in your

underwear being removed by

groin lymph nodes, lead in

your intestinal lymph nodes

from the water you are

drinking, mercury in your neck lymph nodes from amalgam

fillings. Eliminate all these. Don't rest as long as any of your

glands are enlarged.

Roland Sanford, 23, had minor pain and a lot of stiffness along the

sides of his neck. His arms had some numbness. He only had one

metal tooth filling but his whole body was toxic with samarium, beryllium,

indium, copper, cesium, and mercury. When it was replaced,

his neck pain and numbness got better.

Audrey Doyle had severe neck pains she attributed to sitting all day

and sleeping in her wheelchair. She had to take pain killers to get

to sleep at night because they were so bad. She knew eating

cream and butter made it worse but she had no will power, she

said. After a liver cleanse, getting “thousands” of tiny stones, she

was free of it.. for one day! But it was enough to convince her and

she was determined to be off pain killers.

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