Hip Pain

Toe To Head Pain

Hip Pain

Hip pain is always due to bacteria. In fact, these bacteria

regularly come from two sources: the kidneys and the teeth. This

simplifies the treatment since neither of these places takes a long

time to clear.

Start yourself immediately on the kidney cleanse (page 549)

to clean your kidneys. Continue on the recipe until the dental

cleanup has been completed. Both must be clean together to stop

exporting bacteria to the hip.

The dental cleanup could take several weeks if extensive

work is required. During this time, kill all parasites electronically.

Keep killing bacteria, especially Staphs, Streps, Clostridia,


The dental problem is not always on the same side as the hip

pain. The jaw may be very fragile and porous, full of invading

bacteria. Cleaning these cavitations may give immediate pain

relief in the hip (proving the bacterial source). But getting the

jaw bone to heal by taking up calcium again is not guaranteed by

the cleaning process.

Give your jaw bone every chance to heal:

Start taking vitamin D (40,000 to 50,000 u.), every day for

three weeks from the day of the dental work or before.

After this, take it twice a week forever. Do not take more.

Take vitamin C (1+ gm a day) and B6 (250-500 mg a day)

for healthy gums.

Get one gram of usable calcium in your daily diet.



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