Lower Abdominal Pain

Toe To Head Pain

Lower Abdominal Pain

The lower abdomen on the left side has the sigmoid colon as

it comes down and bends. This is a favorite location for larger

parasites to settle permanently. Flukes, roundworms, parasites of

all kinds and their attendant bacteria and viruses can be felt if

they produce gas and pain. Sometimes they live perfectly quietly,

seemingly in harmony with us.

Moving the bowel more frequently expels them repeatedly

and prevents their numbers from getting very high. Nature may

help you with this by setting up diarrhea. Diarrhea is your clue

that intestinal freeloaders are present.

The small intestine leads

into the colon at your

lower abdomen on the

right side. At the junction

is the ileocaecal valve that

prevents backwash, and

the appendix. The

ascending colon goes up

your right side then

becomes the transverse

colon that crosses your

abdomen at the belly

button level. The colon

descends on your left

side, leading into the


E. coli and Salmonella and Shigella are “enteric” (they live

in your bowel) bacteria that can give you severe abdominal distress

and pain. In fact, you can become a chronic sufferer. They

can live on hands and under your fingernails, so reinfection from

yourself is the most important source. Never, never touch your

fingers to your lips. Most importantly, don't try to stop


your frequent bowel movements.

They will stop on a dime when your

parasites and bacteria are dead and


Other sources of E. coli are

personal water bottles, other people's

hands, hands that have changed

baby diapers or cleaned bathrooms.

Hands do everything. To

eliminate their threat of reinfection,

cut out the section on hands (page

397) and paste it on your refrigerator.

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