Side Pain

Toe To Head Pain

Side Pain

Pain on the right side can

come from problems at the

ileocaecal valve or the appendix

or the large intestine itself.

It can also come from the liver

which is higher up but is

sending its pain message to

your side. Pursue it as an intestinal

problem first, killing

parasites and bacteria and

normalizing bowel movements

with the Bowel Program. If the

pain persists, especially if it

reaches up the side to the

The liver has a large

lobe on your right side with the

gallbladder tucked inside. The

left lobe is smaller.

middle of the waist, it is probably due to the liver.

The liver is a large organ, mostly on the right side of the

body, but with a smaller lobe on the left side. It is the chemical

manufacturing plant for the body. It pulls in the food from the

intestine (that you ate hours ago) and makes your body's chemicals

from them. Toxic items are changed chemically into nontoxic

items that the kidney is able to excrete into the bladder.

Fatty things must be made water soluble for them to leave with

the urine. The liver also makes bile and sends toxic items along

with it to the intestine through the bile ducts. The bile enables

calcium and fat to be absorbed. If the liver isn't getting much bile

to the intestine, fat is left in the bowel contents and the feces will

float in the toilet bowl. That is your clue to bile duct blockage.

Bile is bright green. Mixed with intestinal contents it turns the

bowel movement dark brown. If the bile is not arriving in the

intestine the bowel movement will stay light colored, even

yellow or orange. This is another clue to bile duct blockage.

Over a quart of bile should exit the body each day. Since bile is

loaded with cholesterol this daily excretion of bile is a major

method of keeping cholesterol levels low. If the bile ducts are

choked with debris so only half as much (often only a cup instead

of a quart!) bile is produced and excreted you can expect

cholesterol levels to rise, and digestion to be bad. When food

isn't promptly digested and absorbed the ever present, ever-ready

bacteria will grab it for themselves.

Taking cholesterol-lowering drugs should be reserved for

cases where natural excretion cannot be regained.

E. coli and other intestinal bacteria, which do no harm in

moderate numbers, can overgrow in a few hours to give you

bloating, gas and pain. Your body produces no gas. Only bacte129 ria can produce gas. If your side pain is accompanied by bloating

and gas, you know you have a digestive problem. And that this

digestive problem stems from a congested liver if the pain is

directly under it or over it, or if the feces are light colored or

your cholesterol levels are high. Not everybody has all the


To clear the clogged passages of the bile ducts, you simply

do the liver cleanse (page 552) over and over until the problem

is gone. There is one catch. If there are living parasites in the

bile ducts, they will not let the bile ducts clear themselves. They

are stuck fast to your ducts as a tick can be to your skin. They

must be killed before they will let go. Zap them all, or you may

use the herbal parasite program, staying on a twice a week

maintenance program. Only after parasites are dead (after day 20

if using the herbal program) will you get a lot of “green stuff”

and be able to clear “stones” out of your bile ducts. Only one

large duct at a time will clean itself. We have hundreds of larger

ducts and thousands of tiny ducts feeding into the larger ones!

Stay on a schedule of cleansing the liver every two weeks

(unless you are ill) until your side pain is gone, your digestion is

normal, and you are bouncing with energy. You may also lose

some weight, but only if you are overweight.

Remember that a clogged liver

does not necessarily give you pain by

itself. It is more likely the bacteria in

the gall bladder and bile ducts,

causing inflammation there and in

your intestine, that cause pain. Don't

wait till pain occurs over the liver.

Use whatever clues you can to diagnose

your clogged condition. Or just

assume it is clogged. Do the cleanse,

and see if you get any stones out. It


can never hurt and can help a lot.

Bruce Hearn, 40ish, had severe side pain for several weeks and was

rather gassy. He had seen a clinical doctor who found him in good

health. But we found sheep liver flukes in the intestine and in the

thymus! The thymus is an immunity-giving gland, so anything in

the thymus is a very serious matter. He also had benzene in his

thymus (inviting AIDS). He quickly switched from drinking soda to

drinking milk. He went off everything in the benzene list. He killed

the flukes electronically and started on the parasite program. Three

weeks later the benzene was gone, his side was very much better

and he could begin a kidney cleanse for his low back pain. He

hadn't cleansed his liver yet! His improvement was probably due to

improving his immunity which then controlled the bacteria.

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