Slow Pulse/Syncope (Passing Out)

Toe To Head Pain

Slow Pulse/Syncope (Passing Out)

Mason Heckler, 30s, was a mechanic by trade and could not afford to

pass out on the job. Yet, it had been happening off and on for 10

years. He had acquired high blood pressure in his teens! This was

soon followed by an extremely slow pulse (50 beats/mm). No

medicine worked (he had been tried on many) so he was on none.

Then he got high blood pressure, it was 160/80 currently. He also

had constant chest pain around the left nipple. He had heartworm

and was started on the herbal parasite program. He never had a

dog. In five weeks his pulse was 72; the parasite was gone. I presume

his syncopes were due to sudden blood pressure changes

or missing a few heart beats in a row. He began the kidney

cleanse next to lower his blood pressure.

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