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Stomach Pain

Our dairy foods are polluted

with Salmonella and Shigella bacteria. It is impossible to

operate a dairy without getting some cow manure into the milk.

Although udder wash contains antiseptic it does not kill all

manure bacteria. Later, when milk is pasteurized, many heat

sensitive bacteria are killed like the “friendly” streps and

staphs, but not all the harmful Salmonellas and Shigellas. Some

survive to colonize the milk, then later infect the consumer. Only

milk that is sterilized is safe. A commercial source of sterilized

(safe) milk can sometimes be found on the shelf (unrefrigerated).

If it had any bacteria, it would not survive shelf life for more than

one day!

You may not notice any discomfort from drinking milk,

buttermilk, or eating yogurt without sterilizing it. Your stomach

acids may be strong enough to kill them, or your liver able to

strain them out of your body fluids and dump them, dead, into

your bile ducts. Or they may live quietly in some part of the

Keep personal

water bottles sterile.

bowel where you feel no effects. Sterilize all your dairy foods by

heating at the boiling point for 10 seconds, even if you have no


If you are intolerant of milk it doesn't mean that you are

lactase deficient, but that you are unable to kill any Salmonellas

and Shigellas. These, in turn, can make you lactase deficient via

frequent diarrheas. You can correct this situation by not eating

any more bacteria. Give your body clean food, as intended by

nature. Don't eat any deli foods, don't eat salad bar food or restaurant

food unless it has been baked or cooked. Never eat

chicken or red meat at restaurants. They are not thoroughly


As soon as a new abdominal pain or discomfort, or a gassy

condition appears, zap bacteria and try to eliminate your bowel

contents. Use the herb, Cascara sagrada (follow directions on

label) as a laxative, or Epsom salts if necessary. Also start the

Bowel Program.

If you have chronic abdominal problems, make sure you

eliminate the bowel contents two or three times a day. There are

herbs that can kill enteric bacteria, known to our ancestors of

various cultures. Echinacea was a treasured herb of American

Indians. Goldenseal is another favorite. Turmeric can kill E.

coli and some Shigellas. Fennel can also kill some. But a single

dose of Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength seems to do the

most. Make it yourself if possible (see Recipes, page 543).

If your body has lost its ability to kill Salmonellas and Shigellas,

all the antibiotics and herbs and good bowel habits cannot

protect you from these ubiquitous bacteria. You could ask

how you lost your natural protection from them. There is evidence

that common antibiotics that kill Streptococcus and

Staphylococcus varieties are responsible.

A fraction of your bowel bacteria should be the friendly

Strep. lactis and Staph. epidermidis. After repeated doses of

penicillin-like antibiotics (that you may be taking for your strep

throat) they are eradicated along with the “bad” Strep. pneumoniae

bug. No amount of acidophilus culture (which contains active

Lactobacillus) can replace these Streps or Staphs.

In mice, it takes a million Salmonella bacteria to start an infection.

After giving them streptomycin, it only took 10 bacteria

to infect them!9 Your intestines are similarly handicapped after

antibiotics, and allow even very small amounts of Salmonella

and Shigella to escape and multiply!

Try to get some natural killing power back. This means improving

the stomach's ability to produce acid and the liver's

ability to make bile. In turn, this means getting the toxins out of

the stomach and cleaning the liver. Certain toxins accumulate in

the stomach when the liver and kidneys can't keep up with

elimination. Arsenic is a prominent stomach toxin. Get all

sources of arsenic removed. Freon is another stomach toxin.

Switch to a non-Freon containing refrigerator.

The metals from dentalware: mercury, silver, copper, thallium,

first are swallowed and then land in the stomach. Clean up

your dentalware. Toxins you inhale such as asbestos, formaldehyde,

fiberglass, also are coughed up and swallowed to accumulate

in the stomach. Test for them and clean up your

environment. Any stomach can recover a significant part of its

function by cleaning it up. Even though you regain your tolerance

toward minute bits of filth in dairy products, do not go back to

unsterilized milk products.

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