Throat Pain

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Throat Pain

Recurring sore throats are always improved by removing

dental metal and root canals, and by cleaning up hidden tooth

infections. This is essential for a permanent solution. Bacteria

and viruses that cause sore throats are thriving in hiding places

under and around dental metal. It is quite difficult to reach the

center of such places (abscesses) with electric currents. Even if

you could, you would reinfect the very next time you ate non-

sterile food! Zapping is not a substitute for cleaning up your


Keep your neck warmer than would be perfectly comfortable,

gargle with hot water to bring in extra circulation. Use zinc

tablets (60 mg. see Sources) twice a day; suck on them before

swallowing. After cleaning up dentalware you may never have

another sore throat!

Children with recurrent sore throats usually do not have a

dental problem. They invariably have an air pollution problem.

Asbestos, formaldehyde, fiberglass, Freon and arsenic are the

chief culprits. Clean these out of the house. Eating moldy food is

especially conducive to respiratory illness. The immunity drop

can last for weeks! Go off the moldy suspects to raise your

family's resistance.

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