Upper Arm Pain

Toe To Head Pain

Upper Arm Pain

Excruciating pain in the upper arm soft tissues can keep your

arm hanging straight down for fear of worsening it with motion.

Magnets of high strength (2x5000 gauss) taped to your arm,

under your sleeve, can get you through the day. Also try valerian

capsules (6 capsules four times a day). Go off all fat in the diet to

let the spasm subside. Then start your liver cleanse at 6 p.m. If

you used pain killer drugs during the day, the cleanse may not

yield anything but it's worth a try anyway. You might be lucky

and pop out the chief culprit stone. If not, you should wait several

days before trying again; this time avoid pain killers the day of

the cleanse. Be sure to zap parasites the day before or earlier.

Peggy Patton, age 60, had shoulder pain and painful feet in addition to

aching all over. The aching was due to Trichinella which both she

and her husband had. It took six months on the parasite program

before it stayed away. She had clay colored stools, evidence of

bile duct blockage. Then two liver cleanses cured her shoulder

pain, nausea and remaining pains. She started gardening again

and immediately picked up hookworms and Trichinella again. But

she learned to sanitize her hands with grain alcohol after washing

away dirt and this kept her parasites in check.

Jessica Atkinson, a middle age school teacher, developed a pain in the

right cheek quite suddenly. She also had pain over the right mid

abdomen and right side at the waist but X-rays and scans showed

nothing (she had been X-rayed three times). She struggled for

seven years to stay employed. She was having severe pain attacks

over the liver and described her stool as almost white after these

attacks. She cleaned her liver at least 30 times before she related,

one day, that her joy in living had returned. Her gallstones were

exceptionally large (½ x ¾ inch). Eventually the abscesses in her

upper teeth were found, clearing up her cheek pain and protecting

the liver from recurrent infections from these bacteria. Only then

did she get permanent and complete pain relief.

Lisa Mattie, 72, had her right arm hanging limply by her side. It was so

painful she bent forward to let it hang straight down. But in seven

months she had done 6 liver cleanses, getting over 3,000 stones

out. All pain was gone although some numbness in that arm per

sisted. She could also stop using TumsTM, stop coughing, and nolonger was bothered by her hiatal hernia.

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