Inside Lakshadweep

Inside Lakshadweep


Lakshadweep consists of 27 islands which are scattered and are about 200-300 kms off the Kerala coast. They form a northern extension of the Maldives chain. Of the 27 islands, only ten are inhabited.

In the descending order of their size, they are: Minicoy, Androth, Kavaratti, Kadmat, Agathy, Ameni, Kaipeni, Kiltan, Cheltan and Bitral. The total population of all these is- lands is around 40,000, of which 93 per cent is Muslim" who speak Malayalam. The economy of these islands rests on production of copra from coconut.

To visit these islands, per- mission from the Central Government is necessary. It can be obtained from the Administrator, Lakshadweep Office, Willingdon Island, Cochin. The headquarters of these is- lands is at is at Kavaratti and the islands are centrally-ad- ministered, as a Union Territory.

The Shipping Corporation of India runs steamer service to these islands from Cochin and the journey time is around 15 hours. The sea is rough and the journey might be rather tiresome.

However, after one reaches this archipelago, one finds it pleasurable to cruise in the crystal-clear blue waters of the lagoons, watching numerous varieties of fish from glass- bottomed boats. Bathing on the beaches of white sand is pleasurable.

There is also an air service from Cochin to Agathy. A majority of the inhabitants of these islands are Muslims, perhaps because the islands were owned by a Muslim ruler of Canannore, Kerala in the early 18th century. He later gave them away to the British upon their entry into the Indian subcontinent.

Tourist information About Lakshadweep at Cochin :

'Sports', Lakshadweep Tourism, Indira Gandhi Road, willingdon Island, Cochin - Pin - 682003, Ph: 668387.



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