Benefits of Bengal Gram (Chana)

Vegetable Therapy

Benefits of Bengal Gram (Chana)

Botanical Name : Cicer arietinum

Family Name    : Leguminosae

Hindi Name      : Chana    



Bengal gram is most important among pulses available in the world. It is consumed in three forms - as vegetable sag, as pulse, as roasted gram and gram flour. Its seeds are beak- shaped and its plants are covered with tiny hairs.


It originated in Asia, and spread to India & Europe in ancient times. It IS cultivated in India, Pakistan, Egypt and other countries.

Parts Used

Seed & leaves.


Astringent, antidyspeptic, anti-constipation, antianaemic, anti- diabetic, antacid, tonic, aphrodisiac, hair promoter.

Form of Use

As vegetable and pulses.

Food Value

There are four uses of gram in the form of vegetable sag, pulses, roasted gram and gram flour which is used in many food preparations.

Medicinal Uses

(i) Soaked in water every night and chewed in the morning with honey acts as a general tonic.

(ii) It is a boon for diabetics. Regular intake of gram in any form checks the fasting sugar levels and reduces insulin requirement by 20%.

(iii) Leaves of its plant provide enough iron. A tablespoon of fresh juice mixed with honey should be taken in anaemic conditions.

(iv) Roasted gram clears the excess oil from the intestines and acts as an antacid.


(v) It is an aphrodisiac and effective remedy in impotency and premature ejaculations. It is a general health tonic. 

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