Benefits of Cucumber (Khira)

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Benefits of Cucumber (Khira)

Botanical Name : Cucumis sativus

Family Name : Cucur- bitaceae


It is a very popular vegetable cultivated in large scale. It has refreshing and cooling effect. It contains all minerals and trace elements essential for health.

Many varieties of cucumber are known-from light to dark green colour. It turns yellow when mature. Its size varies from 8 to 30 cm.


Originated in India, cucumber was known to Egypt, Greece, Rome and China in ancient time. It is widely distributed all over the world. It is cultivated in India, Pakistan, China, America & other countries.

Parts Used



Diuretic, laxative, electrolyte, cooling, nutritive, demulcent, tonic, refreshing, aromatic.

Forms of Use

As vegetable, salad, juice.

Food Value

The cucumber has a relatively high mineral ratio. Its skin is most valuable as the cell salts and vitamins are just beneath it. So, peeling is to be avoided while eating.

A valuable source of potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulphur, silicon, chlorine and fluorine. Nutritional value of food is enhanced with the addition of cucumber as salad (better prepared with the addition of carrot, tomato, radish, cabbage and curd).

Medicinal Uses

Cucumber has 65% alkaline and 35% acid forming minerals. This mineral balance makes cucumber a medicinally useful vegetable. It maintains alkalinity of the blood. It is a natural powerful diuretic, promoting flow of urine. It should be taken raw (skin intact) to get more benefits.

Other benefits are:

(i) Being laxative in nature, it corrects constipation. Two cucumbers per day are advised for removing habitual constipation.

(ii) For stomach disorders, its juice is useful as it corrects acidity, gastrid and duodenal ulcers. A cup of fresh juice 3/4 times daily is helpful. It gives immediate relief in burning sensation of stomach.

(iii) In rheumatic problems, its juice along with the juices of carrot & beet, brings relief as it washes out uric acid deposition in arthritis, gout etc.

(iv) In urinary disorders, cucumber is very beneficial. It increases flow of urine and is useful in dissolving the gravel in urinary tract and reducing the urine acidity.

(v) For nausea/cholera it is a boon, as it immediately stops nausea & vomiting, which allopathic medicine fails to control. A glassful fresh juice mixed with coconut water given one cup hourly, controls cholera. It is a wonderful remedy for electrolyte imbalance in case of dehydration.

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