Jain Yantra Mantra FOR CAPTIVATION

Jain Yantra Mantra  FOR CAPTIVATION

The following mantra is the Anahat mantra by Shri Munisuvratnath Teerthankar. Its usage captivates humans and animals.
Consecration First of all, get the following mantra inscribed on a gold, silver or bronze plate. Afterwards, on an auspicious morning, spread a silky cloth on a wooden stool and put the yantra on it and consecrate it. Then settle Shri Munisuvratnath Teerthankar’s idol on it , bathe it with the five nectars and worship it. Take 108 flowers and chant the abovesaid Shri Munisuvrnath Anaahat mantra 108 times. With each mantra recitation, keep one flower near the idol. In this manner, the yantra will be realized.

Usage At the required time, only by recalling this mantra, humans and animals all can be captivated.

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