Yantra For Enemies

Yantra  For Enemies

Write the yantra on Bhojpatra with various perfumes and worship the yantra with Ashta Dravva (8 ingredients). Recite the following Mantra for 2000 times for 21 days by facing Eastern direction. Wear yellow co loured dress during the course of po oj a and recitation. Use yellow coloured rosary.
By keeping this yantra with the person, after pooja and recitation, and by daily recitation of both poem and mantra the sadhaka is endowed with new position and derives various benefits. Enemies will not dare to come even nearer to the Sadhaka due to the power of yantra.
Mantra for recitation

Om Hreem Sreem Dharendra Padmaa Vathee Balaparaakramaaya Nama

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