Yantra For powers

Yantra  For powers

Draw the picture of Sri Chakreswaree Devee. Draw 6 circles around the hexagon and write 14 times in the first circle. write 22 in the second circle. write 23 in the third circle. write 27 in the fourth circle. Write 34 in the fifth circle. write 32 in the sixth circle. Draw a traingle enclosing the circles and write 12 times ,covering all the 3 inner sides of the traingle.
Write the yantra on Bhojpatra with various perfumes or inscribe the yantra on Copper or Gold or Silver plate. Recite the following mantra for 12500 times sitting before the yantra.
Aam Kroom Hreem Kshuyuthaange Pralaya Dina Karaasthasya Koti Prakaashe;Ashtow Vakraani Dhrthwaa Vimala Nija Bhujai Padhyamekaam Phalam Cha;Dwaabhyaam Chakram Karaalam Nishitha Chala Shikham Thaaksharya RoodaPrachando;Hraam Hreem Hrowm Kshobha Karee Ra Ra Ra Ramane Thraahi Maam Devi Chakre.

It is so mentioned that the power of recitation of the Mantra reaches the three world. The Sadhaka is blessed with variouspowers.

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